Fxsound work with .net desktop app

Dear FxSound developer team I’m building a music player app with .net especially c# and vb
i have 2 questions

  1. Can I input the fxsound system into .net such as dll or ocx files so that later I can change the bass or treeble from my interface application?
  2. Does fxsound have a win32 API? so I can change the equalizer like (bass, treeble) programmatically

Hi, welcome to the forum.
I honestly know little about such technical details…
Hopefully @bvijay will be able to answer those questions?


This is an interesting requirement. But unfortunately we don’t provide any COM interface or DLL interface with which FxSound can be controlled.
We support these command line arguments with which FxSound can be configured during startup.
–view <1> or <2> for minimal or full view

We can consider your requirements and see if we support this in a future release.

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