FXSound not compatible with Elgato's Wave Link?

I have Elgato’s Steam Deck + with Elgato’s Wave Link installed on my computer and after I I’m trying to install FXSound it just don’t work with error “Oops! There’s an issue”.
What can I do to make FXSound work together with Wave Link?
Thank you.

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Good evening Andy,
The Oops error happens when the FxSound Speakers device is not properly set up.
The virtual FxSound Speakers device needs to be set as the Default Device, or/and the Default Communications Device (see my list bannered at the top of the forum).
While almost all users involved in music production have reported an incompatibility between FxSound and most professional music creation tools, multiple users have succeeded in setting up both FxSound and VoiceMeeter (a similar virtual mixer); but, this is truly the first time I’ve ever heard the name Elgato being mentioned on the forum, so whether or not FxSound is actually incompatible with Elgato, is unknown to me.
Could you please first check your Windows Sound Settings to see which device is set as Default? Because if any Elgato device needs to be set as Default, then there will indeed be an incompatibility.