FxSound incompatible with EarTrumpet

"EarTrumpet only shows main volume when FxSound used while switching playback device. · Issue #848 · File-New-Project/EarTrumpet · GitHub - “Suspect FxSound is hitting issues with their calls to SetDefaultEndPoint” , the problem is probably with FX Sound.

Eartrumpet shows only the main volume in its mixer when used in conjunction with FX Sound. Both are awesome applications that I would like to use together. Any acknowledgement of this issue will be appreciated!


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Hello @batashahh,
I see you already made a thread for this issue earlier, and got zero response.
Sorry about that.
I myself have never used EarTrumpet, so I’ll ask around - but don’t get your hopes up; some programs and some machines just won’t work with FxSound…
@bvijay, @PLEASE_DELETE: Assistance for this user would be most appreciated!

I do not know “EarTrumpet” but generally understood what it does looking at its GitHub page.

However, what you describe seems to be more an EarTrumpet issue than an FxSound one.

I would guess here that this has to do with the selcted sound devices. FxSound creates an own one which then sits between the playback apps and the real soundcard/mainboard one. Maybe you just have to take a look at the EarTrumpet configuration or contact its developers to find out how it works. Normally, you would select FxSound as your default sound device here which then processes the sound and forwards it to your real sound device. This is the right configuration for cases where sound device selection is not automated or needs to be strictly set.


I have specifically observed and corrected the reported behavior. I use Ear Trumpet with DFX and both progs perform correctly and as designed.

This is true following a clean (re)install of Windows 10. Prior to the re-install, I can confirm the reported behavior presented in Windows 11 + DFX + Ear Trumpet

I do not know what caused Ear Trumpet to fail. The usefulness of the app is equaled by Volume2. GitHub - irzyxa/Volume2: Volume² - advanced Windows volume control.

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And then, just like that, it quit working. That is when I noticed the V shaped curtain button near the top right corner. Ear Trumpet is rolling up the controls into that button.

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