FX Sound quits over RDP every few minutes

Howdy team, very cool little utility that you have here. I just found it yesterday and I am impressed by it’s capability! My laptop now has the sound of a stereo system!

The issue I am experiencing is that when working remotely via RDP, the sound quits every few minutes.
The devices are still recognized and show that they are outputting sound both in the FX Sound GUI and in the properties of the audio device windows GUI, there just isn’t any sound.
A simple disable/re-enable of the device in the sound properties fixes it instantly, however it happens every two to five minutes so it is cumbersome nonetheless.
I did read the other persons post on here with a similar issue, but his devices were disabling and showing no activity, which as I stated is not the case for me. Also I do not get the OOPS error at all. Everythign looks good just no sound when it happens.
It works fine on my laptop alone. The issue only presents after I log into a remote workstation.

Thanks for any help! A sweet utility nonetheless for movie’s n such! It’s just for work where it becomes difficult…


Welcome to the forum.
I asked Vijay to assist you, since I know little about RDP.
He doesn’t visit each and every day, so you might have to exercise a little patience - but he always answers.
Please note: I posted your request in another thread (since that one was already dealing with RDP issues); here’s the link:

Hey Right on doolhoofd, thank you! I will keep an eye out for that.
Great utility!

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I can confirm that FxSound has a problem when connecting to the PC via RDP. It crashes for me too and won’t let me restart it via RDP. It should be easily reproducable.

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Hi @hwiese1980,
I’ve added your post to the thread linked above.

Hi @Sozo,
There are some limitations in using FxSound over RDP if audio is configured to play on the local PC, because FxSound Audio Enhancer device will not be available. If in Remote Desktop connection, audio is configured to play on the remote PC, then FxSound can process the output. I had explained this in an earlier thread.

Can you please tell us about your audio playback configuration in RDP. Is FxSound quitting when you try to play audio on the remote PC over RDP? If FxSound running on the same PC, If you directly login on the PC?

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