Feature Request Tray Icon

I’d love to see a new tray icon that dims (or is otherwise different) when FxSound is turned off and brightens again, once it is turned on. So you can check at a glance wheter it’s currently active or not. Shouldn’t be to difficult to implement.


not a bad idea, good for those who want it closed but able to give a quick check to see if it’s on or not in the tray.

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Yes. This is really the only feature I would really, really like. An obvious indicator as to whether it’s on or off by looking in the tray. Not that it’s difficult to right-click and see. But it would be really cool.

It’s a beautiful piece of programming and I can’t believe I just found it. Well done, guys.

I’ll be contributing now and then, as I can with donations.

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oh it is a good idea, even discord and teamspeak both have mic indications for the tray icon. so when your muted it shows as an icon and the same as when your talking it lights up so yeah, it’s a good idea since you can still setup the tray in various ways to show all at all times which i’ve seen people do for various reasons but also so they don’t have to click on the arrow to see what’s running lol.

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