Default presets

I appreciate it’s free, but even so, it’s lumbered with useless default presets that one can’t change, rename or delete. EQ Apo is also free and the user can do what he likes with presets. I encounter this insistence by developers to shove default presets on the user in Android no matter what. If we only use user-presets - the ability to fine-tune audio preferences - then default, immovable, unchangeable presets become redundant.

Apologies for sounding grumpy.

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Almost all equalizers have preset settings. This program does not have the largest set of presets, if you do not add more. Pay attention to the important difference between presets and other equalizers - they change the frequency of the sliders, which not every user will guess to adjust and choose the right one for the type of sound.

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I understand your frustration, however, not every user is a Power user.
Apology kindly accepted.

No matter. I’ve uninstalled it.

EQ Appo has the edge over FXSound in the low frequency range. I’d been constantly switching between the two and fiddling about with FXSound sliders/FX - but whatever way it’s configured it can’t match Apo’s tight, deep, and punchy bass. It sounds strained and muddy.

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I hear you.
This is our EQ thread, you can add your desires to the list: