Changing source doesn't work

Hi, I can’t get the audio source change to work correctly when FxSound is active.
When I connect my wireless headphones via the SoundSwitch program I quickly change from the 2.1 speakers to the wireless headphones, however when FxSound is active the source does not change, it remains fixed on the 2.1 speakers, if I close FxSound and try to change the source the change occurs quickly.
How come ?
The “Automatically switch to newly connected output device” option is enabled
I don’t understand why with FxSound active I can’t switch between sources quickly

Any help? A thousand thanks

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When you write,

I’m assuming you mean that the software makes the switch for you whenever you connect a new device.
One obvious possibility is that SoundSwitch is causing this conflict. Have you tried temporarily disabling SoundSwitch, and do you get the same behavior then too?

use keyboard shortcuts to quickly change sources via SoundSwitch.
But I didn’t understand why when FxSound is active it doesn’t let me change via the keyboard.
If I manually change the source from speakers to headphones it works but using keyboard shortcuts it doesn’t work.

and if the audio source is set to headphones and I click the keyboard shortcuts it changes the source from headphones to speakers
but it doesn’t change from speakers to headphones
this is absurd, I don’t understand

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Have you checked for possible conflicts between your SoundSwitch shortcuts and the customizable shortcuts set for FxSound?
You can find these under Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, I had already seen there is no conflict, I set CTRL+ALT+9 as a shortcut
Maybe you have to set something in the Windows control panel that I don’t know about. that’s all I can think of

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What brand and model of headphones are you having difficulties with?
And (because you mentioned this in the other thread) does the same thing occur with a wired connection as well?

the headphones are these:
Razer Barracuda X (2022)

I also tried with wired headphones and it’s the same thing.
if the source is set to speakers it is not possible to change to cable or wireless headphones
While if you manually set the headphones afterwards you can easily change the source.
It only changes in one direction

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