Cant use SPDIF / Toslink

As soon as I change to Realtek Digital Audio which is the SPDIF/Toslink port no sound isnt noted anymore. I need to close down FXSound completely and then there is output as expected

Win10 64bit and Fxsound using latest updates

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Hi Chai,
Not gonna lie, this is the first time I’m hearing the name “SPDIF/Toslink,” and I’m going through some articles on it right now.
There have been known issues with Realtek drivers in the past, some forum users have criticized Realtek’s severely lacking update policy, and have called Realtek some pretty insulting names, too; but I don’t know how relevant those things are to your particular problem.
The first thing I’ll post is a link to my first-aid-kit list, as usual,
Please let me know if any of those tips make a difference - changing the frequency settings of your devices and finding an optimal match-up for them matters more than you might think, by the way.
Any additional information on your setup would be helpful; for example, I assume you mean you have a device connected to your computer or laptop through an SPDIF port, which leads me to the question: what kind of device? And: does this “disconnect” happen with any device you connect via this port?
Also, what precisely do you mean when you say, “close FxSound completely?” Do you close it with the X on the top right of the interface, do you right-click the tray icon and select “Exit,” or do you disable and re-enable the FxSound device in the sound settings?
Either way, I’ll go ahead and notify Vijay, since this is probably another problem I will not be able to solve by myself.

chuckle. The orange port or the optical port. The one with the little black plug in it. Not a PC design component. Obsolete. And I use one.

He is describing a problem that I have posted here before. The corrective action was to wait for OS and application updates. The issue resolved itself.

Because the “latest update” of Win10 is Windows 11, it is necessary to clarify what the OP means, specifically, when he states “Win10 64bit and Fxsound using latest updates”.


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Thanks for clearing this one up. :upside_down_face:
Like looking for a golden needle in a haystack - while it’s tucked away in someone else’s cupboard. :thinking:

Hi @chai
If the output from SPDIF/Toslink is Dolby Digital or DTS encoded, then FxSound does not support encoding the audio in those formats for the audio output device. Can you please tell us the audio format which is configured for the SPDIF/Toslink port.

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