Bug: WaveXLR + FXSound

Good afternoon all,

FXSound will crash immediatly when I have my WaveXLR plugged in. This happens every time with a 100% reproducibility. Any tips or logs I can provide?

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Welcome to the forum.
Let me call in some assistance.
@TiM: Can you help this user, please?

That’s a case for bvijay, he can explain how to do crash dumps and analyse them …

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Got it. Thanks.
@bvijay: Can you please assist this user?

Sadly, he doesn’t seem to be visiting the forum much anymore…
It’s probably going to be a long wait; and even then, it is uncertain if he will even reply…

Ahh, that is unfortnate. Well if theres any assistance I can provide in resolving this bug I’d greatly apprecaite it!

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@alt: I don’t like to force things, but I’m trying my best to get Vijay to visit this thread.
Once he’s here, he’ll probably ask you to share your crash logs.

Hi @alt,
Sorry for the delay in my reply.
If FxSound crashes immediately when WaveXLR is plugged in, then it could be some device property that is not properly handled by FxSound after discovering the new device.
Can you please run this command in powershell and share the output “wmic sounddev list full”
Also, FxSound logs are located at %APPDATA%\FxSound\fxsound.log.
Please share this log file also.

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