(Bug) FxSound doesn't work with 5.1 Audio nor Windows Sonic for Headphones

I tried playing Mandalorian which has 5.1 audio using FxSound on MPC-BE Player but the volume becomes extremely low as FxSound likely doesn’t load all audio channels except 2 channels, nor enhances 5.1 audio nor sends it to Windows Sonic for Headphones.

Switched back to Realtek HD Audio Manager enabled with Headphone Virtualization, Loudness Equalization, and Windows Sonic for Headphones enabled in Sound > Playback > Properties > Spatial Sound. (For 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound.) Now 5.1 Audio works properly and sends all 6 audio channels to Headphones after processed by Windows Sonic for Headphones.

FxSound needs features like Headphone Virtualization and 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound to fix it.

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Thank you for the suggestion; I went ahead and added it to our thread on 5.1.

I found out Windows Sonic for Headphones doesn’t work with Realtek HD Audio Manager (and it didn’t work with Nvidia HD Audio either. Is Windows Sonic placebo or it only works with Windows default sound driver?) but it doesn’t matter since Realtek has its own 7.1 Headphone Virtualization feature that works with 5.1 audio without having to enable Downmix/Upmix feature in MPC-BE Player.

FxSound just needs to add its own 7.1 Virtualization feature which we can toggle On in FxSound whenever Headphones are connected.

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