"Bang&Olufsen Experience" and HP proprietary software on HP Laptops

I have an HP Laptop with Bang&Olfusen Speakers. Those speakers are really bad if I don’t use HP proprietary software with their “Bang&Olfusen Experience” (sound comes of as if it’s coming out of an empty can if I don’t enable it).

Here’s a screenshot of that Software (don’t mind the EQ, I used it just to make sound louder. Default is all of them on 0):

Using their Bang&Olufsen Experience and Fxsound gives the best outcome.
If I disable Bang&Olufsen Experience (just for the sake of getting rid of their app), even Fxsound can’t fix my sound.
I tried increasing the Bass, I still didn’t get the same fine experience (without enabling their B&G Experience).
Can Fxsound somehow implement such changes to fix sound on HP devices? I can surely help debugging this and testing configurations on my machine.

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Good afternoon Mouhajjer,
To answer the question asked in this thread:

FxSound was intended as a general-purpose audio boosting tool, not as a company-specific patch-up tool, and there are zero plans in this direction, simply because no one has ever even brought it up.
But I can tell you that the open-source pathway is seriously being discussed at this moment; so perhaps it could be tried in the future…