Auto change presets

Dear fxsound Team,

I’m writing to suggest a new feature that I believe would significantly enhance the user experience for audio management on Windows.

The feature would involve the automatic switching of audio presets based on the type of application currently in focus. Here’s a breakdown of the functionality:

  • When a game is launched, the audio preset would automatically switch to a “Gaming” profile, optimized for in-game sound effects and immersion.
  • When a web browser window is active, a separate preset specifically tailored for web browsing (e.g., clarity for videos and music) would be selected.
  • Ideally, the system would be able to recognize individual games and apply unique presets for each. For instance, specific presets for popular titles like Dota 2, CS:GO, and Warzone could be implemented.

I believe this feature would offer several benefits to fxsound users:

  • Simplified audio management: Users wouldn’t need to manually switch presets between different applications, streamlining the overall experience.
  • Optimized audio experience: Each preset would be tailored to the specific needs of the application, ensuring the best possible audio quality for gaming, web browsing, and other use cases.
  • Improved immersion: Automatic switching to a “Gaming” preset during gameplay would enhance the in-game audio experience.

I understand that implementing this feature might require some technical considerations, such as integrating with the Windows API to identify active applications and developing game-specific profiles. However, I believe the potential benefits outweigh the challenges.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I eagerly await your thoughts on this suggestion.

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This is a very popular suggestion,