After fxsound installation there's no sound at all

i just installed fxsound and unfortunately now i got no sound(s) at all.

yes i looked at troubleshooting (no sounds), followed instructions but still no sound.

uninstalled fxsound and reinstalled the old dfx sound enhancer, no sound(s).

so, my question is what can i do to get back any sound on my system?

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Hi, Welcome to the forum.
Let me call in some help (I’m not a tech guy).
@PLEASE_DELETE, @bvijay: Any troubleshooting suggestions here? Thanks!

FxSound and all prio versions install as a driver and virtual sound device. In such a case it is most likely that your system got messed up there a bit. First, disable all the audio devices which you do not need at all anyway (graphic card ports, for example, are often listed there also). Then check which are your default sound device and default communication device. Also, check in your player if the proper audio device is selected.

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weeell, i’m no techpro, but i checked the things you mentioned, but still no sound at all.

where can i find that darn fxsound driver and how can i uninstall or reset it to before status?

i just reinstalled my OS 3 weeks ago, looks like i have to do it again. oh, how i love it

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If I’m not mistaken, it should be in Device Manager.
Tap the Windows button and type “Device Manager” in the search field.

and deleting/uninstall the fxsound driver there resets the settings to the before standard?

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@PLEASE_DELETE: Please advise necessary course of action.
Thank you.

When FxSound is uninstalled, there is no driver anymore since it is uninstalled also. If not, you maybe need to enable hidden devices first to see it since it hides devices which are currently not used or present.

Aside that, you most likely have a general sound issue which is not related to FxSound, i would guess. I would go through the full audio path: speakers, cables, ports, drivers, player, sound device selection. It might be as simple as your player still tries to play at the now missing sound device after you uninstalled FxSound.

You can also try reinstalling your sound chip (motherboard) or sound card drivers. I would let Fx/DFX closed for the moment being until you have sound back at all to make things easier to troubleshoot.

If not, we do need more information about hardware, audio setup, player and maybe screenshots if they make sense.

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i had dfx sound enhencer installed before and i had no problems at all, everything was working fine.
then i got the message for fx sound, so i thought, well, i give it a try.
uninstalled dfx audio enhencer, installed fx sound and ended up with no more sound at all.
uninstalled fx sound, reinstalled dfx sound enhencer - no sound.
uninstalled dfx sound enhencer again, reinstalled fx sound - still no change, no sound.
went through your ‘no sound’ troubleshooting advice - still no sound.
followed the instructions given earlier in this thread - no sound.
fx sound so far is still installed.

i run my tv, music and games on this pc, you can imagine how dead quiet my life became.

i got a acer vn-7 nitro laptop, i run the latest windows 10 version.
audio setup is/was standard windows 10 + dfx audio enhencer (that set up was working fine)
player? specify!
the whole system got no more sound, tv, music, games, system sounds.
speakers, cable and ports are fine
drivers were winows standard + dfx audio ehnencer installed.

i’m no tech pro but i doubt the problem is on my systems side since everything was running fine before the installation of fx sound, plus i just reinstalled the operating system a few weeks ago.
with installing dfx audio enhencer there were no problems all was fine without any special setting. the problem began with installing fx sound.
even when i had fx sound uninstalled there are/were no sound at all.
tbh i wouldn’t know where else to look/search to get sound back.

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This is really not a simple problem. Especially for a non-specialist.
Try this:

  1. Download DriverStore Explorer, the file;
  2. Extract to any folder;
  3. Run Rapr.exe;
  4. After the scan is completed, find the audio drivers section and take a screenshot of the program so that all the lines in this section are visible;
  5. Submit a screenshot here.
  6. In addition, take a similar screenshot for Device Manager on the system itself.

This will allow us to determine if there are audio card drivers and applications.

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Have you already tried to fully uninstall both DFX and FxSound with specialized uninstaller software like IObit Uninstaller Free or BCUninstaller?

Thanks for the detailed informations so far!

I guess, there might be some issues maybe with Windows itself, maybe with the older and newer version of DFX/FxSound.

One thing you surely can do is checking the system for leftovers of DFX which might be conflicting with FxSound now (unlikely and never have seen that, but possible — maybe bvijay can later bring in more details). This includes checking the Windows device manager with activated “hidden devices” (view menu at the top).

Probably a good start would be the following:
01.) Normally uninstall DFX/FxSound
02.) Look for leftover folders/files in:
- C:\Program Files
- C:\Program Files (x86)
- C:\Program Data (hidden, enable show hidden folders in Windows Explorer)
- C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData (also hidden)
- All three subfolders here (local, locallow, roaming)
(Delete everything whis is named liek DFX/FxSound but ONLY those!)
03.) Check the Windows registry under “Local User” the same way (if your comfi with editing the registry; some leftover keys alone should not cause that serious trouble)
04.) Finally restart the system

This should remove everything the program installs. If your sound does not return immediately after that, at least DFX/FxSound is most likely not the cause.

If this is the case, continue like this:

01.) Reinstall your notebooks audio drivers from the manufaturers homepage
02.) Restart the system
03.) Check this very detailed Microsoft audio troubleshooter:
Link to MS Troubleshooting List
04.) Restart your system

If all that does not help, please provide screenshots at least from your audio playback devices dialogue which looks like this (IMPORTANT! Right click the list and select “show disconnected/hidden devices”, but that should be enabled by default in Windows 10). Right-click sound icon bottom right on the taskbar, click sound settings and select sound system control text link top right.


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thanks for all your help in trying to regain sound on my system.
but due to my personal health issues and sitting here for about a week with no sound at all, i came to the decission to reinstall the whole operating system.
that should fix the problem once and for all.
that seems to me the solution with the least effort. sure i hate to constantly reinstall my os, but if thats the way it has be, so may be it.
yes. i will install dfx sound enhencer again since there never been any problems with that program.
thanks again for all your help

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Happy to assist.
Sorry for all the trouble, I hope you get the sound up and running again.

I would STRONGLY suggest using only FxSound and the very latest version from the very beginning now and not mixing it with old versions. Might be connected to your issues, might not. But there is no reason for anything else now.

Also, one thing you can try to test FxSound again without any risk is a VM (Virtual Machine). Windows has one integrated called “Hyper-V” and there are proper free ones like “Virtual Box”. They are not that hard to setup and the point is: it simulates hardware and Windows and you can do anything you like INSIDE the VM without having any risk for your “normal” (host) operating system. Maybe this could be a reasonable first step next time …

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