The large central red dial or knob is missing in the display window

I do not have this large, red central dial at the bottom of the display window. It is lacking! I have all of the settings but I don’t have this large button! Is it because I use my headphones and not my speakers? I have Windows 11. I have Realtek in the computer.

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Hi Robin,
The central Power button was recently moved to the top right of the interface, in an effort to reduce its bulky size.
Unless you’re saying you don’t have it at all?

Aaah… Yes, I have this smaller red circle button at the top right between the “Donate” and the Settings flat lines symbol. I don’t really know what it does. When I click on this button it changes all the red settings like the words clarity, ambiance settings etc (written in red) plus the Hz levels diagram in red to white. Ok. THis must be the power button. In any case, I feel that nothing is working becasue changing the sound settings makes no difference. Also, the red dotted line going across the display does not move at all. It is always flat and unmoving no matter which settings I use for the sound.

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This is a quick link to my first aid kit list of settings to check first.
The Visualizer should be active while audio is playing.

It is fine now! Everything is working! Thank you for your time!

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Happy I could help.