Suggestion for Equalizer

Can you increase column number of equalizer to 10. And does it supports 31 and 62 Hz frequencies?

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Hi Manyakazor,
Concerning your first question,

I went ahead and added your post to our existing EQ thread.
Concerning your second question,

Sorry, I’m guessing that’ll be a hard no, since 86 Hz appears to be as low as the FxSound EQ can go.
If you’re searching for more EQ options, you’re always free to look into other alternatives, like the Neutron Player, DeskFX, or EqualizerApo, for example…
But don’t go giving up your hopes for FxSound just yet:


It would be cool if you also add Pre-Amp feature adjustable +/- dB to the Equalizer.

Pre-Amp Example Image:

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