Stop autoloading with Windows 11

Hi, FXSound loads with Windows 11 automatically. How do I stop the autoload function on startup?


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Funny you should ask this, since a user asked the exact opposite question recently (how to get the program to start automatically), but it was on Win10.
FxSound was designed to load automatically upon startup, for obvious reasons of convenience.
Here’s a quick guide on how to keep certain apps from activating upon startup:

Wonderful…thank you very much!

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No problem. Happy to help.

AutoRuns by Mark Russinovich - Available at Microsoft Sysinternals

Safe enough for amateur use. BUTT, and that is a big BUTT,
DO NOT MODIFY DRIVERS SECTION - You are wrong. You do need that driver. Leave these alone. You are warned.

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I like big BUTTS and I can not lie! :rofl:
Thank you @Antman, you are the kind of hero we need around here.

I am not a sandwich but I do make swoosh sounds.

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