Pro tips about EQ, Compression, De-essing, and limiter

Hi, is there any pro tips about EQ, compression, de-essing, and how to use limiter for podcasting, gaming, streaming, music, etc.

Here are the ff. parameters that I should help to improve my audio experience.

  1. EQing
  2. Compressing
  3. De-essing
  4. Limiting the audio
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Hi Miko,
Can I ask in what way these questions are related to FxSound?

(Not that they necessarily need to be related to FxSound.)

i think hes asking how to improve proticals that are used in surround sound sadly fxsound dose not do this it applyfies the indvidual sounds themeselfs Best bang for my buck - #13 by gabsterz this thred should help :slight_smile: