Pop-up notifications

Please add an option to turn off screen notifications. I know that I minimized the program to tray, it is unnecessary to constantly notify me.


At least on Win 10/11 you can prevent desktop notifications for single apps.

However, this most likely presumes using this system and from the looks i would say FxSound does not.

I do not know any other way to prevent them but an option so everyone can decide for himself is surely a good idea.

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Hello Dolmatov,
Thank you for your feedback.
Your behavior on this forum has been móre than excellent, so I am taking this seriously; that is to say… I will do what I can and alert Vijay of your concern. :slight_smile:
Hello @bvijay, Dolmatov is a frequent poster and active forum user who has proven himself helpful on many occasions, and today he has a suggestion to make the program better:

Thanks for the feedback. We will take this as a feature request and prioritize it accordingly in the coming releases.


On Windows 11, notifications can be turned off with this option in system settings

We will try to add support for Windows 10 also in the next release

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Another user requesting an option to disable the pop-up notification: