Lowest Available Frequency

Is there a way to make the lowest frequency on the first slider 32Hz and adjust through a range of 32Hz - 157Hz? I would like to be able to control the subwoofer frequencies more succinctly.

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Euh, no; no.
It only goes down to 86Hz.
Hope that answers your question.
If you’d like to see that changed, you can post your wishes here:

If you really need the control, you can try EqualizerAPO (free), or the Neutron app for Windows (paid).

The way I did this is to do the reverse. I set the center frequency at around 100 - 130Hz and decrease its value -3db or lower. You may completely eliminate the Bass Boost effect since it has a stock 60Hz centered frequency or set it only to level 2 or maybe just play around with the seetings.

I tried to edit the preset file manualy using the Notepad but it can’t be lowered to 60Hz. It keeps reverting back to 60Hz.

I mean the bass boost effect. Its actually an extension of parametic EQ.

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