JBL Quantum One

I bought a pair of JBL Quantum one and the sound was good but low and the sound good but not that good, I was thinking about returning them but your equalizer just brought this headset alive!!! It just enhanced every aspect on the headset it is crazy the difference. Thank you so much!!! I donated but i’ll keep supporting you!!! Thanks again


Hi HudonTime,
I’ll tag the team; I’m sure they’ll be pleased to hear this.
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doolhoofd (forum mod)

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I feel your pain. It sucks to overpay. Think no more.

The sound between your ears is not signal. Neither are your headphones.


Thanks @HudonTime for your appreciation and support. We are happy to hear that you like FxSound and it has helped you in having a great Audio experience.

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Thank you so much for your support :smiley:

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