Graphic User Interface. Too Large

Hi everybody,
I have been using FxSound for a few years now after months of trying to find one suitable for what I needed and did actually pay for a licence telling James I would have paid more, I think it was blue 16 band, I’m not sure now, but it was a lot smaller compact and just as easy to use,
Now I am sure that the FxSound Interface, ‘Screenshot below’ can be made to be resizable, by your developers.
With my desktop display at 1920 X 1080 it nearly covers the whole screen leaving little room to run any music Application’s as well as sound mixing and recording software
and Visuals effects being displayed also at full screen. It’s just too BIG.
Mouse cursor over one corner, click and drag to resize, PERFECT.
This modification would justify the app 100% I’m sure.
Enough said that’s me done,
I hope some good may come from this, It’s down to development team now.
Thanks for reading post any comments, any feedback is always good.

Hello Andrew,
As you may or may not know, active development of the program has ceased.