FxSound working but not with Zoom Client meeting

Hi, I’ve been using FxSound for a month or so and it’s been really helpful and worked well. Today I have been on a Zoom Client meeting and Fx does not work…it simply has no affect on the normal computer sound. I stopped the meeting and switched to youtube and played something and FxSound worked fine. I went back to the Zoom meeting and still only normal computer audio available. I uninstalled and reinstalled FxSound and still no change. This was on Firefox browser (which i always use) and Windows 8.1 Many thanks for any advice or thoughts.

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That’s weird.
I hope there’s a way to fix this.

Yes, me too…Zoom is a widely used program.

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It seems okay when I tried Zoom + FxSound just now. Could you try setting your output device to FxSound Speakers if you haven’t already?

Hi @Adi ,
In Control Panel->Sound, can you please check if FxSound Speakers is configured as Default Communication Device. If FxSound is just set as Default Device and some other speaker is set as Default Communication Device, then applications like Zoom and Skype might not use FxSound for audio output.


I’ve made a few suggestions for Zoom issues in this thread, maybe that helps:


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