FxSound with Corsair Void Pro Wireless

I am using FxSound and Corsair Void Pro together.

Previously, it was possible to output sound to the headset through the option to change the output device in Fxsound.

But at some point, all of a sudden, no sound output is possible from the headset.

It is possible to change the output device to the headset normally, and the moment you change it, a very short sound is output to the headset for a short time, and there is no sound after that.

Is there any way i can try it?

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Additionally, CORSAIR ICUE(v 4.20.169) is being used.

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I have no idea, except maybe to fiddle around with the settings in your Playback Devices menu… but you’ve probably already done that, no?

Yes. FxSound is already Default Device.

  1. High definition Audio Device is no problem.

  2. FxSound Icon right click and choose Play Back Device → VOID PRO Select

  3. No sound is output.

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Below is a link to a thread in the Corsair forum.
It would be nice if we lived in a world where everything just clicks into place and works, but in this world, it doesn’t, and it can take long hours of programming to get everything just right.
The user in the thread linked below found out that the problem lies with his machine, which gives problems with any wireless headset.
Of course, from this distance, there is no way for me to identify where YOUR issue is to be located.
It could be FxSound, it could be your machine, it could be the headset, it could be your drivers, . . .
You won’t find much info on Corsair products on the FxSound forum, but you will on the Corsair forum.
I really hope your issue finds a fix soon; I’m totally not a tech guy myself, just a mod on the forum, so there’s only so much I can do.

By the way, feel free to look around; there are other threads on this forum about wireless connections and bluetooth headsets. We have a search function, it’s in the top right corner.