FxSound not working on OperaGX

Hello, I have installed FxSound a couple of hours ago, it works great with the songs I have downloaded on my PC, but I have a little problem when I try it in my default browser.

The soundbars don’t appear, meaning that SoundFx doesn’t detect that OperaGX is playing audio, and I don’t know why!

It works fine on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser and Spotify but not on OperaGX.

I tried to change the default web browser (which is OperaGX), but it doesn’t change anything at all.

I don’t know what else to do to solve this problem, so I would appreciate some help.


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Hello WiTorreS,
Welcome to the forum.
The first thing I usually recommend is using specialized full uninstaller software to completely uninstall the program, and then reinstall it afterwards.
By the way, don’t waste money on that, there are plenty of free full uninstallers available.
Also, make sure that, upon the fresh install, you install the latest version, and also, make sure to disable all playback devices you are not using in your Windows sound settings, including the hidden ones.
So I would recommend you do that first, and then report back here with the results.
And if you still hear no difference, I will call in some assistance.
Here to help,