EQ is not working with an external audio interface

Hi folks, I recently downloaded FxSound and I am enjoying it, but when I connect an external USB audio interface (a Zoom U-24) the EQ section does nothing. Even holding down alt and moving an EQ slider to isolate one frequency band changes nothing.

The other controls on the left all work (Clarity, Ambience, etc.).

This issue appears to be limited to just my U-24. FxSound works 100% as expected through my computer’s internal speakers and even through my monitor’s speakers via HDMI.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Added: here’s a quick video of me playing with the EQ settings. Near the end you can see me isolating one band using the alt key, which should change the sound pretty dramatically.

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I do have the same with Tascam us 4x4. only the presets change the sound but only the effects i think

I guess now that the product is free there’s no mechanism to talk to support directly about this issue?

That’s odd… I’ll have our lead developer take a look at this when he can.


@jet this issue is only happening on this device and not others?

Yes, correct. It’s all working fine on my laptop’s internal speakers, over HDMI on my monitor’s speaker, and over Bluetooth on a pair of headphones.

I don’t know if the interface being a USB is somehow relevant? I have another device that I could connect as an audio interface via USB, if you think it’s worth testing?

allso on my monitorspeakers it works and before it dit on roland ua-25ex

Today I have tried today my tascam ur4x4 where the eq not works together with the Roland ua-25ex where I here much difference using the eq. CAN’T THINBE SOLVED?

You’re expecting way too much…
You’re expecting too much from the program, and you’re expecting too much from the programmers.
If this can be solved or not, I can’t judge that, I don’t have the knowledge for that.
And, I might be mistaken, but I’m guessing, the guys at FxSound don’t have the money to go solving EVERY last little bug, and especially the ones that are so incredibly machine-specific.
There’s no way to make the program compatible with ALL machines, there are just too many machines out there for that.
And the staff needs to prioritize, and decide where their efforts can be best spent.