Duplicate Display Problem


I using FxSound last version since few days, it work fine ! ::

1/ When I duplicate display to other screen, FxSound switch sound to new TV = Perfect

2/ But, when i back to single display config (…and turn off last TV) FxSound don’t switch sound to first TV. I must to do manually

What 's possible solution ?

Thanks you

Why does everyone expect this program to just flat-out obey their every wish and whim?
Is it really so much trouble to just do it manually?
There’s not gonna be a codefix for this issue anytime soon.
I have to change devices manually a lot as well.
“There is no being without imperfection.” - Jordan Peterson

If you are only doing a display switch and the second display is still physically connected and its audio output is still enumerated and shown in Windows, then FxSound may not switch back audio automatically.
Also, please check if the option “Automatically switch to newly connected output device” is selected,

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