No sound in Insurgency

Hello, all. This is a great application. But unfortunately it has no sound in Insurgency. It works perfectly in all browsers, on all websites i have visited. Even when the game is running, and i minimize the game, and go to youtube, on youtube i have sound, but still nothing in insurgency. If i leave youtube running and maximizing the game back up, still no sound in the game, but i can still hear youtube just fine, with the game running. I feel i have tried all i can, but i have no luck. I cant find the problem. You guys know of any solutions, to similar problems.? I love that game, and i cant wait to use this sound application in it.


Hi Christian,
Which versions of FxSound and Windows are you running?
You can check your version number in the Help tab of FxSound’s Settings menu; the latest release is v1.1.20.0 available as always on
How long have you been experiencing this no-sound problem?
This is pretty basic, but have you tried restarting your computer?
Have you tried testing with multiple devices and connection methods, e.g. speakers and headphones, via Bluetooth or 3,5mm jack?
Have you checked all of your device’s Settings in Windows Sound (see below)?
Does the game perhaps have its own audio-related Settings menu, and have you checked that?
Some games disallow the use of certain programs in order to disallow unfair competition, see for example this thread:

Also, there’s a troubleshooting list bannered to the top of the forum with basic tips:

Do let me know if this was helpful or not.

It works now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it. :ear: :+1: