New UI for fxsound eq

I have an important question, the user interface looks great, but it needs some additional features to make this software a lot better, faster, and sounds professional, what is your plan to change the user interface with some professional features like any other eq software or plugin that they’re using at this point? Why? Give me an example image and what is the best UI you should probably change?

Here is my ff. new features for the fxsound eq:

  1. Reworked UI
  2. Multiband Parametric eq
  3. MuseHub integration.
  4. Newest effects such as the limiter, noise gate, compressor, and noise cancellation.

Hello Miko,
I think FxSound is great in what it does, precisely due to its simplicity, and I am sure many happy users will agree with me on that.
There are currently no plans to add any of these functions to FxSound, except perhaps an expansion of the number of bands on the low end of the EQ.
Many other tools are available for purchase if you’re looking to add different features to your setup which you feel FxSound is unable to offer.
This is quoted from the licence header on GitHub: