FxSound changes my output device all the time in Windows

Thanks for clarifying. Your opening post did not mention anything about trying to combine a Windows computer with a television set. It is still unclear to me, whether you are having difficulty getting audio from your TV to play on your speakers, or having difficulty getting audio from your PC to play on your speakers?
FxSound was created to run on standard installations on Windows. It was not created with the combination of PC and TV in mind. Which isn’t to say that the combination is impossible, only that this introduces an additional layer of complexity, and that this makes the possibility for the occurrence of problems more likely (up to the point of a possible device incompatibility, which is not the case here).
Also, could you please supply more details about the devices used? For example, could you clarify what device you are describing as the “receiver,” which speakers you are using, and which television set?
It’s also a good idea to consult your device’s manuals or support pages on their manufacturer’s website, to learn more about the possible cause.
There is a troubleshooting list bannered to the top of the forum, which no one ever seems to be able to find or consult; it would be helpful if you could run through that first, to verify proper setup, e.g., make sure you have the latest version installed, that Exclusive Mode is disabled, et cetera.