Discontinuing Active Development of FxSound

Done! :+1:
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My Hungarian language translation has been on GitHub (GitHub - fxsound2/Strings: FxSound translation strings) since mid-August, and the developers haven’t been there since.
I translated it into Hungarian for support purposes myself, since I only came across the free version.
It seems that the Hungarian or Polish translation will not help this situation.

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Is it too expensive to maintain an app like this? Was the revenue from paying users not enough to keep its development going? I really love FxSound and I can’t live without it on my computer anymore, if it continued to be a paid software I would definitely pay.

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Ah, man. That is so sad to read. I’ve been looking for a good system EQ for some time without having to do complex routing through my DAW to get access to my plugins.

You’re one of a very few final contenders that I’m considering. Is the donation link still active? I think it’s pretty likely this will be my final choice, and if so I’d still be willing to donate.

Also, if you ever consider taking it open source, I’d be more than willing to be help.

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I can answer that question and the answer is Yes, you can still donate.
Thanks very much for your willingness to help. :heartpulse:

Great to hear. I’m going to exercise it for a few days and if it lives up to what I’m hearing so far, this is what I’m sticking with. I’m not looking further unless I run into problems.

The EQ is very, very musical. As sweet as an A&H D-Live and, IMHO, better than a Behringer X32, and more flexible than the 3-band on the Yamaha MG series on my desk rig. I’ve spent a lot of time on all three desks.

Frankly, if the James wanted to try and get some sales on this, he might want to consider turning this into a VST 2/3 plugin. I’ve heard a lot that are far worse and many of the really good ones (e.g., iZotope) are expensive enough to be out of the range of a lot of people. There may be a better market for a good EQ plugin than he realizes.

TBH, I’m not surprised that the subscription model didn’t work. For a lot of us, that is pretty much anathema. The best thing to happen for Reaper was for Avid to abandon perpetual licenses. People walked away from Pro Tools before and it’s going to happen again.

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Thanks for your support :smiley:

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Would you be so kind to release a new version that just disables the language check that prevents using the keyboard shortcuts to non-english users?

Having to switch to US-EN keyboard layout EACH TIME we launch FxSound and having to access the settings to uncheck the “Disable Keyboard shortcuts” EACH TIME gets really tedious…

I get you are not actively developing this program anymore, but how hard can be for you to release a version with this ‘feature’ disabled so your international users can enjoy your software without going mad?

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This is not right! I paid money for a lifetime subscription to FX Sound Premium and now after a hard drive wipe and re-download of FX Sound I cannot get my Premium back using my registration code? You sir have no ethics to do this to people that paid good money for a product we should have lifetime access to since that is what we paid for, period! This new “free version” is a sham! You’re not gonna get away with it if I can help it!

You’re entitled to your own opinions, of course.
But I also bought and payed for the blue version back in 2019, so I’ve tested and used both.
And I personally don’t think the new version is a sham; I actually think it’s an improvement over the old blue version.
Which is just to say…
Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

**** @james @bvijay ****

I sadly discover this amazing tool, with no good and real alternative (balance between ease of use and functionality), with its disappearance.
Is there away for you to free the source code of the software, to give it a second life if some people want to work on it ?
By the way, your tool deserves to continue, it works very fine.

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I can’t get rid of the upgrade nag. What should I do?

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Uuuuuuuupgrade! :right_anger_bubble:

Maybe you are aware that the upgrade links are dead links! (or not) Not possible to upgrade!

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Oh… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Sorry 'bout that.
I assure you I am in no way responsible for this negligence, for I am but a humble forum mod.
Anyway, you can download the newest and forever free purple version from the FxSound homepage at fxsound.com .

Hi, this is very unusual for me but I immediately made a donation after a few minutes of using FxSound and created an account just to thank you for creating this software. I have tried many software options over the years and never found this one (not sure when it was created), they are all absolutely terrible. This is the only useable one so thank you for creating it. It’s sad to see this post about the discontinuation though.
Thank you again


I’m sure @james will be happy to hear this. :slight_smile: Thanks, @goamn.

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So, I just made an account to say: Thank you for everything so far. I downloaded the program today for the first time and, wow. Saying “It works” is a huge understatement.
That’s why it’s just much sadder to see that the Project isn’t developed anymore. I’m sure this has already been proposed, but why not give the Open Source Community a shot? Instead of letting it die out without updates, people from all around the world could contribute. Even if development might be slow, if there is a serious bug, people will probably try and fix it themselves. I might even contribute myself (depending on the stack). Also, on e.g. GitHub, FOSS Sponsorings are a thing as well. Would be really sad to see the project die like that. Please consider giving Open Source a chance :slight_smile:


(couldn’t edit my message anymore, so now as reply)

Additionally, we (the Open Source Community) could potentially port it to Linux (which would be awesome since currently, there is absolutely nothing even remotely comparable to FXSound on Linux. Could be a challenge (again, depending on the stack) but it’s worth a shot

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