Activate DFX pro 12

I need to activate DFX pro 12 because I had to reinstall Windows 10.
I have a serial number received by mail after I paid.
Trying to activate I get the error message: “Illegal Serial Number: nnnnnnnnn”.

I had to install the new fxsound free but has just a few options and a lot of configuration problems. I installed and uninstalled about 7-8 times.
It’s a mess and the sound don’t look greater.

I think they did DFX pro as free and then renamed to Gold as the paid version.

I sent them email but nothing yet.

Awful !!!

We’ve unlocked access to FxSound (powered by DFX) for all. You can download it and use it without a license key: Download FxSound - Boost Your Sound On Windows

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James, did you read what I wrote? If so, did you understand my problem?
I paid for a product that I can no longer use because I can’t activate it.
So, I need the DFX installation kit, the purchased version, and to be able to do the activation.
I don’t want to use the free version when I paid for a pro version.
Fxsound free, which you praise so much, sucks.
If you don’t meet my requirements, I want my money back urgently.

The FX-Sound devs might have killed server communication when registering their older products. Now that they offer their software free of charge, there is no need to communicate with a server to verify a purchase. Besides, DFX gold is quite an old program designed specifically for the hardware that was relevant when DFX was released,(more than 10 years ago I think).

Additionally, DFX Gold and FX-Sound Enhancer are both obsolete and their support was dropped when the new FX-Sound arrived. But if you insist, can try to download and install DFX-Gold from here.

I’m using the new FX-Sound, so I don’t know if the install above asks for a serial. But since the software is now free for anyone, then I’d assume that the link above will install the full DFX-Gold without the need of a serial number.


We’ll likely be discontinuing the registration server soon for DFX and FxSound legacy versions to simplify our customer support obligations and discontinue the registration server which is why I’ve pointed you to the newest version. But I’ve sent you a direct message with a license key for DFX 12 in the meantime.

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Hey James…

Have sent you guys several email requests now for a new updated Serial Key for my DFX 12…

My old PC died - Had to get new Tower & an having to redownload everything & now my current Serial Key ( UA36B2C8A ) is not working…

Can you email me an updated Serial Key that will work please?

I do not like FX sound & much prefer DFX 12 or whatever version of DFX you have a Serial Key for…

I have paid for a lifetime access to DFX once before…


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Hello Steven,
It’s probably best if you reply directly to James, or send him a private message.
I hope your issue gets fixed soon.

Thanks - already done that 3 times…

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Yeah, sorry, he’s probably - understandably - quite busy…
But he does definitely listen to his userbase!

@james: Could you please send @steven1818 a new serial key?